What expenses are usually cut first during the crisis? Marketing and PR-budgets. Often, promotion on the Internet is more likely to be an excess than a «first need» service, because many companies allocate funds and time for it on a residual basis.

Of course, you can entrust work to contractors and just wait for the result, but if you save time and effort in this case, then it will not work out financially — cooperation with contractors is expensive.

However, effective promotion in the network is possible not only with large budgets. Having free hands, time and knowledge, to advertise business on the Internet it is possible independently and with rather small investments.

Consider several problems that prevent business from getting customers from the Internet

To promote, you need a website, and its development is expensive

In fact, you need to build on business and goals. It’s not always necessary to spend money on a large multi-page website. You can start working on the Internet from a lending (one-page business card site), which is done with the help of budget-funded construction services (Tilda, LPgenerator, Lpmotor). The main thing is that on the page it’s easy to find a description of your products / services and contacts. A big plus for the site will also be the availability of the opportunity to order a call, the simplest form of ordering a product / service, reviews.

Promotion on the Internet is difficult and expensive

Working with a contractor is not the only way. You can promote the business on your own and start small.

Search Engine Promotion (SEO)

SEO or search engine optimization are measures that help to raise the site to higher positions in search results for specific user requests.

The first thing to do is to connect the site to the webmasters of search engines (Yandex.Vebmaster and Google Search Console), which will allow you to see all the errors and problems with the site, to check and adjust the look of the site on the search page.

In addition, it is necessary to fill the web resource with useful content. Useful content is unique texts that not only answer the user’s question, but also give him additional information about your product or service.

Confirm the good reputation of the site and the company will help recommendations. For sites, these are links from other resources. The most valuable links are those that are extracted naturally (in the responses of satisfied customers, recommendations from them in social networks).

contextual advertising

Contextual advertising — these are advertisements that are displayed in response to a user’s query in the search engine, as well as on the thematic sites included in the advertising network.

The mechanism of this tool is that without a budget you can not do anything. However, you can save on the services of contractors. To do this, you need to learn how to do the simplest banners on your own, write ads, set up, run and run advertising campaigns. So you will not depend on the often large minimum input budgets of agencies and will be able to quickly make edits in the campaign.

Promotion in social networks

Social media marketing (SMM) is the attraction of traffic or attention to the brand through social networks.

Many companies today successfully sell their services and products, even without having a website — they are quite satisfied with the VKontakte group and (or) the account in Instagram. Through social networks, clothes, cosmetics, books, hand-made, travel permits, children’s goods are realized. If the company has a website, social networks can become an additional channel for attracting targeted traffic. You do not need to pay for creating a group or pages in social networks, the budget may be needed only for their promotion.

The unique and interesting content — not only texts, but also photos, videos, infographics, demotivators, etc. — will help to form a pool of loyal consumers and get the first sales. And with them you can allocate funds for targeted advertising and promotion of posts, which you can also do on your own.

The form of feedback or ordering of goods, holding contests in social networks will help you to build a database of contacts, work with which can continue through email-dispatches of useful articles or hot offers.

Lack of knowledge

You can comprehend the basics of promotion yourself with the help of books, thematic blogs and educational videos on YouTube. And you can learn this at training courses and seminars. This will require a small investment, but it will give you faster results. In addition, the training of market experts has its advantages:

you will immediately recognize working tricks and do not waste time on your own experiments, investments in education will quickly pay off: you pay once for the training, and you will use the acquired knowledge for a long time.


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