In Sochi, organize a tournament for athletes who did not qualify for the 2018 Olympics. In addition to Russians, foreign athletes who have not received Olympic licenses in 2018 will be invited here.
Alexei Mukhin, political analyst, general director of the Center for Political Information:

— We have already held our Paralympic Games for athletes who are suspended from the main. So we have experience of such events, and these competitions will go smoothly, I’m sure. The Olympic system is gradually being destroyed. By playing our own Games, we automatically create an alternative movement. Everyone should understand that the main reason for the disruption and demoralization of the movement is the IOC policy.

Accusations of our athletes are biased, subjective and unfounded. Now everyone will know that he can be removed from the Games simply by someone’s desire. Therefore, the medals that will be given out in Pyeongchang are pieces of precious metals. After all, there will not be a full-fledged competition.

Tatyana Navka, Olympic champion in figure skating:

— I approve of the decision about alternative games. This event is a good incentive for our guys, whom the IOC decided not to let go to the Olympics. Their efforts should not be wasted. Categorical decisions are blasphemous. I believe that our country must protect its athletes from this production.

Valery Silakov, member of the Presidium of the Russian Luge Federation:

— This is a black page in the history of the Olympic movement. Samaranch, Coubertin — those who headed the IOC earlier — did a lot for its development. Now the IOC has devalued their work by its decision. Of course, our athletes need to be supported. They have never been involved in anything. Of those who were not allowed before the Games, 80-90 percent are absolutely clean, I’m sure of it. Those athletes who travel to Pyeongchang are set for a high result and will be able to protect the country’s honor, albeit without a flag. Women’s team in luge, unfortunately, weakened, many strong athletes were not allowed. But otherwise everything is fine. In the team race with us, only the Germans can rival.

Natalia Tronina, teacher of Russian language and literature:

— IOC can not ignore the arbitrariness of the IOC, and holding alternative competitions is the best solution. Our athletes should be able to show themselves.


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